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Tactical Board Game

 designed by Gable & BP © 2004


About the Game:

- This is a strategic, multiplayer board game, based on logic.
- 2, 3 or 6 players may play the game together.
- Anyone can learn the rules, and get familiar with the dynamics of the game within a few minutes of play.
- New tactics are learned best while playing the game.
-  Because of the virtually infinity number of possible game situations, it takes a long-long time to become prepared to handle those sneaky tricks in game.

The game play is based on rounds taking place after each other. A round is divided into 3 phases. In the 1st phase of all round, the players makes their movements with the figures, using the points available to them on the fields. After this the game proceeds to the 2nd phase, in wich some of the hex-fields produces points available to be used in the next round. In the 3rd phase the battles takes place on fields occupied by more players. As a result of battle the field becomes the territory of the player with more figures standing on it, or in case of a draw, the field’s ownership stays unclear causing this field not to produce points in the next round.

After all have been done, a new round begins, and the game goes on like this round by round.

The objective of the game is to take out the Main Figure of the enemy. If a player’s Main Figure is removed from the board, all of his/her figures are removed from this game.

What do you need to play?

For a 2 player game: 9 figures + 1 Main Figure per players.

For a 3 player game: 6 + 1 figures / player

In case of 6 players also 6 + 1 figures is advised, and some additional fields should be used.

(two-sided figures should be used to mark figures after they moved in that round )

And you will need a few dozens of point indicators as well.

The beginning of a new game:

In the first round, since no player has points to use, only the Main Figures can move. All players place their Main Figure to a field, on the edge of the board. The second round is quite the same, because there is still no point produced yet. So the players should occupy a productive filed with their Main Figure. After this round points will produced, therefore can be used for moving, or saved for further turns. Beyond this game stage it is up to the player to decide what strategy suits his/her taste and success in defeating the others. The possibilities are endless combining the possibilities of the game by putting new figures on the board, moving between the fields, occupy territory, or battle against others.



Rules of the game phase-by-phase:

First phase: Movement

-          Players begin the first step alternating in each round.

-          After moving with a figure the next player shall make his/her move. * this may ignored if the player chooses to make all his allowed movements in one step...

-          Movement Phase ends if neither player wants to move more, or if they can’t.

-          To move with a figure, the player must pay 1 point.

-          The Main Figure is allowed an extra free movement per round.

-          Each figure may move once per round.

-          Only 1 figure is allowed to stand on a triangle-field.

-          Any number of figures may stand on a hexagon-field.

-          Allowed variations of moving whit a figure (costs 1 point):
Stepping from a hexagon to an empty triangle attached to it, and stay there.
Or stepping from a triangle to an attached hexagon. In this case:
If there is an available point to be used on that hex-field:
The player may choose to stay on that hex.
Or, by using an other 1 point from that hex-field, he/she may immediately step through that hex reaching an empty triangle-field attached to it.
If there aren’t any available points, the figure must stay there.
With a figure outside the game board, the player can step on any triangle-field reaching over the edge of the board. (triangles attached to only 1 hex)

-          The player should remove the point he/she decided to use, from the game-board, before performing the particular movement.
Points for movements can only be used from hex-fields occupied by the player.
Points on those hex-fields, occupied by more than one player’s figures, are not allowed to use in this round.

-          Leaving a hex-field with any figure, wich is occupied by more than one player’s figures, is only allowed if at least 1 figure of the player making the move, is left behind on that hex.





It is wise to mark the figures wich have moved in his round so far, no to get confused when there are lots of figures on the game board…

Second phase: Producing

-          A hexagon occupied by one player’s figures only, produces 1 point, wich is placed on the game board, to that hex-field.

-          Inner hex-fields may produce a maximum number of points written on the hex, but not more than the number of the player’s figures on that particular hex-field.

-          Any number of points may hold by a hex-field.

-          Fields occupied by more than one player’s figures aren’t producing in this round.

-          Triangle-fields ain’t producing nothing…

Third phase: Battle

-          Battle affects those hex-fields wich are occupied by more than one player’s figures.

o        If a player has more figures than others, than 1 figure from that hex must be removed from the board, from all the players standing on it. This rule shall be repeated again until only one player’s figures occupy the hex, or if the remaining figures are equal.

o        If all players have equal numbers of figures on that hex, it is a draw, and all figures on that hex remain there.

-          If a field occupied by one player’s figures only, has its all surrounding fields occupied by enemy figures, than the surrounded figures are also removed from the board.

-          The figures taken out in this turn cannot move back to the board, during the next round.

It is advised to reset the markings of figures that indicate it was moved in the this round. You should also mark figures killed in this round, if there are more outside the game board.

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Aditional, optional Rules - Game Modifications

SABOTAGE - Freeze:

During the Movement Phase, if the turn Player pays 3 Points by placing 3 of his/her own Points to his/her enemy's hex-field, than figures on that hex cannot move, and also no Points shall used from that hex till the next round...

ASSASIN - Certain death

During the Battle Phase, the Players can remove 1 enemy figure at the cost of 6 Points, wiches are removed form the board... any figures can be killed this way except the MainFigure...

FANATIC - Kamikaze

During the Movement Phase, the moving Player can choose to movefrom a hex-fiend to an attached Triangle-field even if occupied by an enemy figure... if so, than both figures are removed from the board!
The MainFigure cannot be attacked on triangle-fields, but it can attack a basic enemy figures which is standing on a Tri-field and in this case the MainFigure knocks out that figure, but cannot move more in that round.
Figures removed in this way are treated as they were killed in the Battle Phase...


After the Producig phase, Players may transport their Points between Hex-fields. At the cost of 1 point a Player can pick up 1 of his/her own Point and place it to an other Hex...


More rules to come depending on test-games and translation...
Yet, new rules are available only in the Hungarian game rules section of this site...

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Rules created by: BP and Gable
Game-Board design: Gable

All rights reserved!